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Schools and school programs are often the first to get negatively impacted when there is not enough money in the budget, affecting uniforms, textbooks, equipment, and overall education. Many people have expressed a desire to help schools and school programs, but aren't sure how to help. Here at Heartfeltsavings, we believe there should be a great and easy way for consumers to help schools and school programs, while receiving discounts on activities such as shopping, eating, and making repairs.

HeartfeltSavings Cash for Schools is a program designed to help raise money for schools, sports teams, academic clubs, and any other school group. When consumers purchase a HeartfeltSavings Cash For Schools card, they receive access to great discounts, while supporting their area schools. Partial proceeds from every card purchased go directly to the participating school, sports team, booster club, or organization, to be used for what they need most.
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